Residential remodeling


Tompkins Plumbing and Heating’s residential remodeling concepts are great but nothing can substitute for real world application. The following section provides extensive detail on the methods and specific challenges of residential remodeling. It’s divided into three sections: Tompkins Plumbing and Heating basics, projects and case studies. Tompkins Plumbing and Heating Basics contain exactly that pre-project issues you should consider before beginning any job. The Garden City Project section contains general information about the nature and type of remodeling job as well as overviews of actual projects featured in the Tompkins Plumbing and Heating guidelines.

Tompkins Plumbing and Heating for top-quality work at a very competitive price! Our employee's are very knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the work they do. Our professional team will take the project from start to a great finish. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations in terms of quality workmanship, plus finishing on-time at a fair price. We can build your dream - from the design phase through completion - with spectacular results. 

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